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Welcome to the natural world of perfumes.

We offer you the same Fragrances you love but in richer and untainted form. A Touch of Nature.

We wish to make you an expert in fragrances. Someone others seek advices from on Quality Perfumes.

Let us make you  Impossible to forget.

Today  we let you in on a secret…Into the beginning of something magical

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Long Lasting


Richer and Truer Fragrance


Untainted and Undiluted


Reasonably Priced

What we Offer…

Designer's Oil Perfumes

There are different Fragrance/scent in the world, We choose to bring to you Fragrances inspired by World Class Designers Hence Designer’s Oil Perfume

The Same Fragrance/Scent, In a Richer and Untainted form

The Creation of commercial Designer’s Alcohol Perfumes Start with Extraction of the Fragrance Oil from Nature eg Fruits, Leaves, Trees etc then the fillers are now added mainly alcohol and water. 100% fragrance brings you the Oil extract without any fillers hence it is Richer and long lasting

Reasonably Priced

Our perfumes are priced based on the effort required to extract it rather than marketing hypes and expensive packaging hence it makes easier on your wallet

Why Switch to Oil Perfumes?

Oil is the essential ingredient in perfumes. it gives it its fragrance/scent while the remaining ingredients are called fillers – mainly Alcohol and water usually used for dilution and to increase the quantity. 100% Fragrance’s perfumes is 100% Oil; No Fillers.

This makes our product last longer than 24 Hours.

With 100% Fragrance’s Perfumes your dry-cleaner will always be glad to wash your cloth because he gets lovely scented clothes not sweaty clothes.

Untainted and undiluted Fragrance is rich, it gives a royal appeal contrast to commercial alcohol perfumes that smells light and weak.

100% Fragrance’s Perfumes is rich, natural like the scent of green leaves where the are extracted.

With 100% Fragrance’s Perfumes you leave a royal impression on your environment…people will seem to forget you, your Wind Song will stays on their mind.

The primary purpose of alcohol in perfumes is to cause the perfume oils to evaporate faster than they would by themselves, sometimes as much as 15 times or even more quickly. This gives the impression that the perfumes is considerably stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a commercial alcohol fragrance, the scent may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you. This also explains why the scent fades dramatically within one or two hours. The perfume oils have evaporated along with the alcohol.

The second reason for all those alcohol/water is just clever marketing…a bigger and fancier bottle containing fragrance plus Water and Alcohol seem like a much better value than a smaller one of pure oil.

100% Fragrance takes a small but mighty approach…making it much easier on your wallet.


  • Last Longing 100%
  • Richer and Truer Fragrance 100%
  • Reasonably Price 100%

We seek the Services of Retailers and Marketers

100% Fragrance is a new kid in the block. Join our Team and take advantage of this opportunity to make cool money. Our products are wide fire, 99.99% of people who use our products never return to Commercial Perfumes, they stick with our products, this gives you the opportunity to make more money through reselling and referrals. We do advise you to act quick though because the offer is limited as we don’t wish to create unhealthy competition between our distributors.

Benefits for Joining our Team

You will acquire Practical Education

Most of us have little knowledge about how the market works or how to make money as these topics are seldom discussed in homes, schools or churches (the primary sources from which we acquire knowledge) hence we pass through life with little options on what to do and how to do it to make money. In 100% Fragrance we genuinely what to help you succeed, so every Saturday we will take out time to teach you the concepts of marketing/selling and how to make money.

You will make cool money

A good marketer knows that to be successful, effort alone is not enough, the product has to have the 3 R’s. Re-usability, Return rates, Referral.

Re-usability:- How long does it take a customer to come back for more? Return Rate:- How many people who use it return for more?       Referrals:- Do people who use it recommend it to others?

100% Fragrance’s products have these 3R’s working for it, so your effort as a marketer is multiplied making you cool money in return.

You will make New Friends and New Contacts

Our weekly training sessions will introduce you to other marketers, where you will share stories and make life-long friends.

Marketing our products will also introduce you to people who like quality products, this increasing you contacts and put you in front of other great opportunities.

I just love my purchases and wanted to thank you. The oils are beautiful and pure and the way they were packaged was fantastic…even the added free gift. I’ll be back again and again and again… thanks so much for a great shopping experience!

My husband & I love your perfumes! Soft & clean yet sexy. We’re always complimented on when wearing it. I like how it somehow seems like the scent fades & I can’t smell it on myself, but everyone else can. Never nauseating, perfect for any occasion. May be a little strong for some people, but I promise, it smells wonderful over time. If you’re into perfume oil you never regret it


Your fragrances are wonderful! My sister, mother and mother-in-law are now hooked on your products! it last so long that my dry-cleaner is now asking me how much i buy my perfumes. Thank you again and I have been spreading the good word about your company. You will be hearing from me often as i will be ordering more for myself, my family and friends.

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